The Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences (PLS) CoRe, which is expanded from the former BNS CoRe, focuses on two principal research arms, namely pharmaceutical sciences and life sciences. In general, the research arm of pharmaceutical sciences is made up of a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery, development and delivery of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals (functional food) and pharmaceuticals. The research arm of life sciences, in its broadest sense, encompasses biological studies (including neuroscience) of all living organisms like animals, microorganisms, plants, human beings etc. The rebranding of BNS CoRe to PLS CoRe is inevitable as it serves as a timely response to the growing needs of transdisciplinary research. The PLS CoRe aspires to take on the leading role in making UiTM as one of the key reference institutions of fundamental and translational research for pharmaceutical and life sciences both nationally and internationally. It is our hope that the rebranding initiative will spur PLS CoRe to greater heights in the very near future.